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Emerald Pearl Labradorite

About Emerald Pearl Labradorite:
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Emerald Pearl Labradorite is mined in Norway. Like many natural stones mined on its territory, it has a rich shade, mesmerizing blotches that shimmer in the sun, as well as grain that gives the stone an interesting look. Due to its aesthetic properties, it is most often used in interior work.

The peculiar drawing of the stone seems to consist of thousands of short careless strokes, randomly scribbled onto the canvas by the brush of an absent-minded artist. And between these strokes, which stand out in their lighter tone against the background of the stone, rather large inclusions of labradorite mysteriously flicker with a cool bluish-green light. In the interior, the beauty of this granite is best emphasized when it is used as a material for countertops. So the stone is closer to the light sources, due to which the inclusions of the labradorite glow brighter.

Emerald pearl Labradorite Specifications

Location (in stock): Halethorpe MD
Country: Norway
Color: Blue

Maryland: 1954 Halethorpe Farms Rd #500, Halethorpe, MD 21227

Florida: 6850 Lyons Technology Cir, Coconut Creek, FL 33073

+1 410-247-2442 (Maryland)

+1 754-212-4704 (Florida)

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