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Porcelain slabs

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Location (in stock): Coconut Creek FL
Color: White
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Location (in stock): Coconut Creek FL
Color: Gray
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Location (in stock): Coconut Creek FL
Color: Gray
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Location (in stock): Halethorpe MD
Color: White
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Location (in stock): Coconut Creek FL
Color: White
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Location (in stock): Coconut Creek FL
Color: White
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Location (in stock): Coconut Creek FL
Color: White

Porcelain SlabsA catalog of porcelain slabs that we offer to countertop fabricators and other home finishing professionals.

Porcelain slabs are a relatively new material for the manufacture of countertops, combining the advantages of quartz or natural stone and in appearance not inferior to the best examples of marble or quartz, but at the same time being a very environmentally friendly material that is obtained without the inclusion of artificial polymer additives.

What is porcelain?

Porcelain is a special material that was obtained in ancient times by firing special types of clay and natural minerals. The resulting unique material was lighter and more attractive than traditional clay products or products made from natural stone, but at the same time it was easier to give porcelain products the desired shape. Modern porcelain is a high-tech material based on ancient technologies; porcelain slabs are usually made not white but with an imitation of natural stone.

Let's look at both the advantages and disadvantages of porcelain slabs.

Advantages of porcelain slabs:

  • Heat resistance, you can safely place hot dishes on the porcelain countertop, nothing will happen to the surface
  • Stain resistant, does not absorb liquids or chemical dyes
  • The porcelain countertop allows you to cut food without using a cutting board.
  • Large selection of natural stone textures
  • Large format for large worktops without seams
  • Composed entirely of minerals without polymer resins
  • Scratch resistant, very hard
  • Resistance to ultraviolet (sun rays)
  • Chemical resistance
  • Does not require additional processing and hardening of the surface (unlike natural stone)
  • Eco-friendly and recyclable

Disadvantages of porcelain slabs:

  • Porcelain will crack under heavy impact loads; it is not as ductile as quartz but is more durable than most types of natural stone.
  • Relatively high price
  • More difficult to process, more demanding on the qualifications of the manufacturer of products (countertops, aprons)

porcelain texturesTextures of porcelain slabs

The textures created by manufacturers of porcelain slabs most often resemble the textures of natural marble, quartzite or quartz and usually contain veins and inclusions of gray, beige, and brown colors. Our catalog contains a wide variety of porcelain types.

Use of porcelain slabs

Like other types of stone for interior decoration, porcelain is used to make countertops, kitchen backsplashes, and wall decoration.

How much does a porcelain slab cost?

Typical prices for porcelain slabs range from $20 to $70 per foot. You can check with our managers for more accurate information about prices.


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