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Black Quartz.
Features And Applications In The Interior

Black quartz
is one of the best materials
for kitchen countertops,
island countertops,
window sills and flooring.
Black Quartz Countertops

Main Features Of Black Quartz

Quartz is not accidentally popular. Its colors and texture imitate expensive marble and other types of natural stone. Unique patterns and veins make the material original and particularly attractive in design. Often the texture of quartz stone is preferred, reminiscent of the granite grained structure. It can be both small and large inclusions. 

Polymer resins act as a binder. The result is an environmentally friendly material that is not a threat to human health. Black dye is mainly of natural origin, since it is natural pigments that are taken for its coloring.

Large Kitchen With Black Quartz

Black Quartz In The Interior

Our catalog features such popular surfaces as black quartz Calacatta Nero Marquino QuartzStar Galaxy Jumbo Quartz, Black Galaxy Jumbo Quartz and Calacatta Nocturne Quartz.

They are a great choice for kitchen countertops, aprons and window sills, as well as for floor and wall finishes in any room. The black quartz stone countertop will take center stage in your home, thanks to its rich, eye-catching color. Very durable, resistant to mechanical damage and food acids (such as vinegar and lemon juice) material with minimal water absorption.

Black Quartz Kitchen With Island

Black quartz looks harmonious in modern interiors. But it can also be used in other styles. For example:

  1. High-tech. Black flooring plus high-tech - a futuristic atmosphere. Add glossy furniture and you get an ultra-modern space.
  2. Retro and vintage. Want to add a vintage feel? Use black quartz and woodwork.
  3. Mixed styles. Finding a balance between classic and modern isn't easy. But it looks great. With black quartz, you can create this beneficial contrast.

The main advantage of black quartz is the ability to bring a stylish finishing touch to a design. But there are others as well:

  1. Black blends well with almost any color scheme and room style. This means you can easily change furniture, textiles and decorations without touching the flooring.
  2. Dark shades, especially with texture, add depth to a space.
  3. Black quartz can make a small room look more open and spacious. Choose light-colored furniture to create even more contrast and visual depth.
  4. Black quartz hides dirt. This is especially important in hallways and kitchens. Black quartz brings a special atmosphere to a space. Different formats, textures - it is beautiful in any design.

Black Quartz Gallery

Black Quartz Kitchen & Island Table

Black Quartz Kitchen & Island Table

Small & Compact Kitchen With Black Quartz

Small & Compact Kitchen With Black Quartz

Modern Kichen With Black Quartz Countertop

Modern Kichen With Black Quartz Countertop

Hi-Tech Kitchen With Black Quartz Countertop

Hi-Tech Kitchen With Black Quartz Countertop

Island Kitchen With Black Quartz

Island Kitchen With Black Quartz

Black Quartz Countertop Closeup

Black Quartz Countertop Closeup

Black Quartz Price

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