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Quartz Slab

Quartz slab are the raw materials used to manufacture a wide variety of stone products: quartz countertops, stairs, wall and floor panels. Quartz slabs are thin slabs of quartz stone with a thickness of 20 or 30 millimeters, with different areas (called standard and large - jumbo). The slabs are very convenient material for manufacturers of quartz kitchen countertops and other items, the slab has already the necessary thickness and surface, it only remains to cut it into the necessary details and either to make the final processing or assembling them into a finished product. Quartz slabs are easy to transport, they do not require special packaging, are resistant to temperature fluctuations, are strong enough - not prone to cracking and breaking.
Quartz Slab

How quartz slabs are made

Despite its uncomplicated appearance quartz slab is a high-tech product that is produced using special technologies, this is the main difference from the slabs of natural stone, which are made by simply sawing stone blocks and grinding (some types of stone are also strengthened by special reinforcing compounds).

To make a quartz slab you will need:
  • Pure quartz
  • Polymeric binder resin
  • Dyes and pigments needed
  • Of course, special equipment for "sintering" stone into slabs

As you can see the quartz stone is artificial material produced in special factories, containing mostly natural quartz (very clean sand) and artificial polymer additives, but nevertheless it does not make it worse than natural stone, quite the contrary, quartz stone is usually easier to handle, more stable, allows you to precisely set the texture and color (while the natural stone pattern every time is unpredictable from party to party), quartz is easier to care for and repair surfaces.
The main producers of quartz slabs: China, India, Vietnam, Indonesia.

How quartz slabs are made

Quartz slabs in our stone catalog

Our quartz catalog features 76 different types of quartz, from pure white quartz (for example: Snowfall White Quartz, Pure White Quartz, Super White Quartz) to quartz with rich, intense textures (for example: Calacatta Denali Quartz, Calacatta London Gold Quartz, Calacatta Noir Quartz) and black quartz (for example: Black Galaxy Quartz, Calacatta Nero Marquino Quartz, Calacatta Nocturne Quartz). We have both standard size slabs (127*64 inches) and Jumbo size versions of stone (137*78 inches) in our warehouses.

Quartz slabs are displayed and stored in large warehouses in vertical racks, allowing customers to visually familiarize themselves with the material and purchase exactly the stone that suits them, to visit our warehouse in Maryland you can register your visit on our website: Make Appointment, or by phone or email.

Quartz slabs in our stone catalog

Quartz slab price

Prices for quartz slabs are based on several factors such as:
  • Type of stone (brand), the more interesting and unusual drawing of the stone, so it is usually more expensive
  • The sizes slab, it is clear that the bigger slab and more of its thickness, the more expensive it will be, in comparison with slabs of smaller sizes.
  • Availability of material in stock
  • Country of origin

But as a general rule, the price of quartz stone ranges from $50 to $120 per square foot.

In our catalog, you can check out a wide variety of quartz slabs and choose from cheaper options as well as more expensive premium brands.

Quartz slab price

Typical dimensions and thickness of a quartz slab

Dimensions of quartz slabs in general coincide with the size of natural stone slabs, have dimensions convenient for transportation and production of final products from stone.

Here are examples of typical dimensions and thicknesses of quartz slabs.

The typical dimensions of slabs (width and height).

According to dimensions, slabs are divided into two groups - standard and jumbo versions. Jumbo versions have a larger size that allows you to create products with fewer joints and glue joints, without disturbing the single structure of the texture of the stone, this can be important when you order a large countertop or wall panel.

Regular dimensions (standard slab, in inches):
  • 127" X 63"
  • 127" X 64"
  • 127" X 65"
  • 128" X 65"
Jumbo sizes (in inches):
  • 138" X 79"
  • 138" X 78"
  • 137" X 78"
Typical slabs thicknesses (in millimeters):
  • 20mm
  • 30mm
Typical dimensions and thickness of a quartz slab
Typical dimensions and thickness of a quartz slab

Comparison of quartz slabs with granite and marble slabs

Choosing a stone for your countertop or home decoration, you probably came across the fact that granite and marble slabs are very similar to quartz, but nevertheless there are significant differences that make the purchase of quartz slabs more preferable, let's list them:
  • Quartz slabs are more stable in transportation and processing, due to the polymer components they are stronger
  • Since quartz is a man-made material then you can not worry about the quality of large batch of stone, while granite and marble slabs are always individual in structure and different quality of slabs
  • Again, since quartz is made in factories rather than mined from rocks, the pattern (texture) will always be more predictable and uniform
  • The color and texture palette of quartz is virtually unlimited and depends only on how many variations the designers come up with in production, whereas natural stone is limited to the palette of the deposits where it is mined
  • Products made of quartz slabs are more resistant to dirt, chips, chemicals
  • Products created with the help of quartz slab are much easier to repair and in general it is easier to take care of them in use

Quartz slab near me

Venezia Surfaces Inc. supplies quartz slabs throughout the major East Coast states: New York, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, South Carolina, New Jersey, Florida, West Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, Virginia, Ohio.

Our warehouses and offices where you can view our range of quartz slabs are located in Maryland and Florida:


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You must make an appointment in advance to visit the Maryland warehouse, no appointment is required to visit the Florida warehouse.

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