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Fusion Quartzite

About Fusion Quartzite:
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Fusion Quartzite is a luxurious, extremely colorful, indescribably beautiful exclusive poly-colored quartzite. The pattern of this stone shimmers with thousands of warm and cold shades, harmoniously adjacent to each other in flowing and swirling color stains. The color scheme of the stone is so rich and balanced that Fusion Quartzite looks appropriate in interiors of any style and any color scheme. It is a stone for bright and interesting interiors. He instantly catches the eye and literally mesmerizes with his beauty. Whether it is a wall panel, a countertop or a fireplace cladding, any piece made from Fusion Quartzite looks like a real work of art in the room.

Due to its special qualities, Fusion quartzite can be used without restriction inside houses and premises. These can be floors, steles, shower cubicles, window sills, bar counters, stairs and sinks. It can also be used in a children's room, as it is a natural stone that cannot harm a child. It can be used to create a wonderful and original decoration or decorative element. Due to its special color scheme and natural beauty, the material is perfect for decoration and design.

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Fusion Quartzite Specifications

In stock: Halethorpe MD
Country: Brazil
Color: Brown
Thickness: 3cm

Maryland: 1954 Halethorpe Farms Rd #500, Halethorpe, MD 21227

Florida: 6850 Lyons Technology Cir, Coconut Creek, FL 33073

New Jersey: 502 Jersey Ave, New Brunswick, NJ 08901

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